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April 16th
9:16 am
Anonymous: he's controlling everyone from behind those glasses tbh image(.)gmarket(.)co(.)kr /challenge/gmarket_event/2014/04/140415_SM/onsite/main_visual(.)jpg

what the flip sm what is this imax glasses bullshit

April 15th
6:49 pm
Anonymous: do you have the exo stream link?

Here and here. The show starts in 12 minutes!

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April 8th
9:03 am
Anonymous: Hi! How are you? Is everything going good? I hope you're ok.

Hello! I’m good. I still have a little cold though. Thank you for asking! ♥

April 7th
7:39 pm
hide-inside-your-fandom: do all the even numbers :)

I will take that challenge.

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April 7th
1:24 pm
Anonymous: 11 & 15!

11. Magazine

  • NYLON, Status

15. Clothing Store

  • Forever 21 (haha lame), Zara, Dorothy Perkins (for dresses), H&M (and they’re opening a flagship store in the PH soon so yay!)
  • I’d say Topshop but the things there are expensive as hell and I am upset -_-

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April 7th
8:19 am

10. Quote

  • “If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking” from Norwegian Wood

28. Country

  • The Philippines
  • Because I live in it

April 7th
7:55 am
Anonymous: 8

8. Candy

  • Apollo strawberry chocolate candy!!
  • I also like those sour green apple strips that idek what they’re called

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